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While BigBlueButton offers extensive API documentation, implementing it may take a significant amount of time and effort from your team. It requires a thorough understanding of the platform’s features and functionalities. This is where our add-on service of custom API integration comes in handy.

At Bigbluebutton Host, we offer managed hosting services for BigBlueButton. Our users receive APIs to integrate with their CMS or LMS platforms or custom solutions with the help of plugins and custom API integration. However, our experienced team can help your team to integrate the APIs more efficiently and effectively. We can collaborate with you to identify your requirements, provide guidance on best practices, and ensure a smooth integration process.

By availing of our custom API integration service, you can save time, streamline the integration process, and ensure that your BigBlueButton-based solution works properly with your existing systems. Our team will work closely with you to understand your needs and provide a solution that fits your unique requirements.

How we can help?

Our experienced team can help you achieve these benefits and more with our API integration & consulting services.

  1. Expertise: Our team has extensive experience in Custom API Integration and we can help your team.
  2. Flexibility: We offer flexible integration options to ensure that your collaboration process is customized to your unique needs.
  3. Support: We provide 24/7 technical support to ensure that your solution runs smoothly and seamlessly.

During the development and integration period, your team can leverage our free TEST APIs from BBBHost Cloud, our on-demand Managed Hosting platform which supports On-demand & Infrequent usage of BigBlueButton with Hourly pricing. Our test APIs enable users to experiment with the platform’s features and functionalities without incurring any costs.


BigBlueButton API Custom Integration can provide significant benefits to your organization, including streamlined workflow, increased productivity, and enhanced engagement. With our expertise, flexibility, scalability, and support, we are the ideal partner for your BigBlueButton custom integration needs. So contact us today to learn more about our managed hosting service and add-on options.

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