Setup your Self-Hosted Bigbluebutton Server on any Virtual or Dedicated Server. We provide Professional Installation, Rebranding, Security Configuration & Additional Settings Configuration for Smooth & Custom Experiences.

BigBlueButton Single Server Setup

Bigbluebutton , Greenlight Installation or Update on a Single Server

We will professionally Install & Rebrand your Bigbluebutton Server on your Cloud Server with best practices & based on required configurations with Greenlight Installation & Rebranding as well . Just choose your Installation Package as per your requirement.

Other Add-on Services One-time Setup

TURN Server Installation , Greenlight Additional Customisation

We do installation of Dedicated TURN server on Self-hosted VPS for Bigbluebutton Server , Configure TURN on existing BigBlueButton server . Also we do some On-demand Customisations of Greenlight Front-end .

Large-Scale Bigbluebutton Cluster Server Setup

Bigbluebutton Multiple Server Setup with Scalelite Load Balancer

Large Businesses, Enterprises, Institutions & Universities that have too many concurrent users can't use a standalone Bigbluebutton server to fulfill the requirement. We recommend to Setup Bigbluebutton Cluster with Scalelite Server for Load Balancing or Meeting Request distribution between multiple BBB Servers attached to the Scalelite.