Self-Hosted Bigbluebutton Server Setup

We can set up your self-hosted BigBlueButton, on any cloud or dedicated infrastructure. We do a professional installation, rebranding, and configure all-important settings. Once everything is set up, you'll have a smooth user experience as per your need.

Your Infrastructure

Under Your Control

Follows Your Policies

Deployed by Our Experts

Maintained by Us

Our Support & Guidence

Types of BigBlueButton installation you may consider

Deploy Standalone BigBlueButton on your preferred cloud platform (such as AWS, Azure, GCP,
Digital Ocean, etc.) or Dedicated server to accommodate up to 200 concurrent users

BigBlueButton Cluster deployment is ideal for institutions and enterprises, supporting 200+
concurrent users with scalable capacity for future growth.

Standalone BigBlueButton Server

Standalone Server Setup

BigBlueButton Cluster

BigBlueButton Cluster Setup

☑️Up to 200 Active Users

✅All BBB Features

☝️Single Server Required

API Only Installation

Can only be used with External LMS, CMS or custom integration via REST API.

$40 USD One-time

With GL Dashboard

Can be used as a Standalone service like Zoom or Google Meet using GL Dashboard.

$50 USD One-time

Rebranded Platform

Fully white-label BigBlueButton wth Greenlight Dashbaord with clients own branding.

$ 120 USD One-time

Self-hosted Co-TURN

Self-hosted Co-turn server deployment for BigBlueButton or any other WebRTC based Application that requires TURN or STUN to allow users connect from restricted networks.

$ 80 USD One-time

Greenlight Dashboard

We agree that BigBlueButton and Greenlight Dashboard on the Single Server works very well, but you may need to deploy Standalone Greenlight Dashboard..

$ 80 USD One-time

Recording Backup

Now BigBlueButton can generate MP4 single video format for recordings, which can be stored anywhere and played very easily. So we can help to Back Up to external storage.

$ 60 USD One-time

☑️Up to 50K Active Users

✅All BBB Features

🧮Multi-Server Setup

Minimum Cluster Setup

We do everything to deploy a production ready, scalable cluster setup with minimum infrastructure that can handle from 200 to 400 users..

$250 USD One-time

Additional BBB Node

We can deploy additional BigBlueButton Node servers and confugure with your existing BBB Cluster we deployed for you.

$50 USD / BBB Node

Migration to Cluster

We can help, If you already have a BigBlueButtonn server and considering to migrate to a Cluster Deployment without loosing any significant data.

$ 30 USD / Hour

Post Deployment Services for Self-hosted BigBlueButton

Deploying a project is just the beginning; maintaining it with least downtime is the key towards success.

Empower your virtual classroom with seamless performance and reliability. Our maintenance and support plans for self-hosted clients ensure uninterrupted learning experiences with BigBlueButton infrastructure.

Expert Guidence for Custom Integration

If you have your own Custom LMS or CMS, We can guide or mentor your development team for the planning, integration, though it's always free for Managed Hosting Clients.

Maintenance of Your Infrastructure

Benefit from our expertise while retaining full control of your BigBlueButton infrastructure. Helpful when you don't have the expertise or team in-house but can't take our managed service due to some policies.

On-demand Consultation

Access flexible on-demand technical support, consultation, and issue resolution for your BigBlueButton infrastructure, customized to your requirements with no monthly obligations.

Unique Value Additions for BigBlueButton Infrastructure

You can do much more with your BigBlueButton infrastructure, you just aren't aware of.

Send Session Details to Admin by Email

It's possible to send BigBlueButton Session Analytics to Admin at the End of every session.

SSO with your other Applications

When using BBB from Greenlight, it's possible to implement SSO with your other sites like WordPress.

Slack or Telegram Notifications for Admin

Similar to the Email, it's possible to Send Notifications for the events like Users Join, Leave etc.

Recording Backup Automation

If you are producing more than 50 GB recording daily, you need some strategy in place to manage in longterm.

Change BigBlueButton Session Colors

It's possible to tweak some BigBlueButton session's interface like colors, background etc.

Live Stream Sessions to Millions on YouTube

You may stream BigBlueButton live sessions to custom RTMP Endpoints or Social Media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.